Downsizing May Be The Answer To Simplify Your Life

Dated: 01/12/2018

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Downsizing May Be The Answer To Simplify Your Life 

In America, the majority of people have been accumulating, collecting, saving and purchasing things for themselves since they were old enough to remember.  Later in life they do the same for their children, and seldom, if ever, are they throwing any of those things away.Image title

Then one day you notice that the kids are no longer at home, and you are likely no longer accumulating things at the speed you did earlier in life.  Then one day you take a step back and evaluate all of that stuff you have collected as you open the garage door and notice that you can no longer see the car under those pool floaties andImage title kid toys that have been tossed in there over the last 15 years.  Half of the things in your garage you don’t even recognize or remember why you had them in the first place.  You make the decision that it is time to clean it up.

The task can be challenging when there are only two of you at the home to take this on.  It may be considerably harder if only one of you'll be involved with the process.  The biggest step is to just start.  Take that first step.  If you feel like you can’t do it on your own, there are a few companies out there that you can hire to help you.  I Googled downsizing and found one, .  

Once you begin, the process will go more easily, and you may also pick up momentum once you start to see a bit of progress.

The Home Downsizing process doesn't happen overnight.  It's taken you a great deal of your life time to collect your houseful of memories.  Do not expect that you'll complete the home downsizing process quickly.  Typically plan at least 6 months ahead of the time you would like to move.  As we said, this procedure will take time, both emotionally and physically.

A few tips that we Image titlehave for you are to get color-coded labels, magic markers, a yellow pad to maintain detailed listings, your cell phone for photos and taking pictures for tax purposes can all be useful.  Create piles or groups of must keeps, wants and donations or sale items.  Once it is gone, it is gone and you can't get it back.  You can always put an item in a “want” pile and always sell it at a later date if you change your mind.  One day you may want to keep little Johnnie’s rocking chair that he had when he was 3 and the next, you realize that memories are memories and you have no use for that wood chair.

It likely took you 10-20-30+ years to collect all the items in your home.  It frequently takes six to twelve months to finalize a complete downsizing.  If you're having a difficult time, do not be afraid to ask buddies and family members for help.Image title

When you get to the last item, the last box or the last room you will find a sense of relief.  There is an old expression “Less is More”.  This can be true for you too.  I know of one couple that sold their home and bought an Airstream travel trailer.  They mentioned that they feel that they are not “tied” to any one place and are free to travel a bit more now.  That is the beauty of it, you now have that choice.  They may buy a condo if the need arises someday.  Without the big mortgage payment and tending to all of your “stuff” the looming stress can be lifted from your shoulders.

Maybe you have been in a four-bedroom home with a pool and gardens to tend to.  Maybe now a condo is right for you.  Lock the front door and just leave on a trip to France or maybe gon on Expedia and plan a trip to Banff in Canada.  No worries about the grass and if it is getting watered or who will pick up the mail and newspapers. 

DownsizingImage title is not just for the empty nesters either.  I have a number of clients that have bought rental properties for investments and they themselves live in a little one bedroom condo that they rent for a nominal amount a month.  They enjoy traveling, going to a show or concert.  They enjoy their life and their ability to do so many things.

So, if you have been thinking about a move, a more manageable home and a more manageable life, take the first step and focus on downsizing.  It may be the answer to simplify your life.

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